Monday, December 6, 2010

The Baby Doll Experience

I wore my first baby doll pyjamas when I was aged sixteen having purchased them from a local market stall selling lingerie. They were pale blue double-layer nylon, with frilly shoulder straps and hem, and panties to match. The stallholder said 'I hope she'll wear them for you' and I replied 'I'm certain she will'. I hurried home to try them on just to reassure myself that they fitted alright, and luckily they did. I knew I'd have to be patient and wait until bedtime when I could get changed completely in the privacy of my own bedroom. Then I could wear a wig and full makeup to experience the real thrill of creating my ideal 'blonde in blue baby dolls'.

A few weeks earlier I had purchased my first bra and pantie set in white nylon and also a lovely blonde wig. Make-up and stockings and other items of female clothing soon followed. I had worn my mother's things previously but now my own wardrobe of female clothing was at last beginning to take shape.

That evening I had a lovely bubble bath and told my parents that I was going to have an early night. I locked my bedroom door and laid out my clothes for the night. The baby doll pyjamas looked gorgeous.

I wanted to look and feel extra special so false eyelashes and perfume were applied as well as some cute pink nailpolish to match my lipstick. The wig and undies came next and as I looked in the mirror I was visibly shaking in anticipation.

The moment I had been waiting for all day had arrived.

I removed my white panties and pulled on the blue nylon panties instead.  I slowly and deliberately slid the baby doll pyjama over my head and allowed the delicate blue nylon to cascade over my body which tickled as if teasing me. I could hardly wait to see my reflection.

A pretty blonde in her blue baby pyjamas was in my bedroom and that blonde was me. The full-circle folds of the soft nylon netting looked so feminine and revealed just a small glimpse of my matching panties. My legs were exposed and gave me that nice feeling of slight vulnerability.

The baby doll pyjamas felt gorgeous, soft and sensuous. I felt ecstatic, highly agitated and utterly feminine. It would be a long and very sexy bedtime for me that night and for many more to come.

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