Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Dolls Wearing Baby Dolls


  1. Roses are red, violets are blue, my boyfriend, cheated on me! Now he's screwed! It's time too take charge and do what I say! Not, going out with the boys to play? Where should we start, how too reign in, it's bubble bath time, to soften your skin, I'm got my lady razor, you know what that means? All your body hair will be missing? Give me trouble? Waxing! With the help of my girlfriends, you have no say," baby doll nighties, feminine lingerie heading your way! So get your bra and panties on! Don't forget the" Nylons" put that baby powder on your legs and feet! We forgot to paint up your toesy's to make you pretty and very chic, the girls want this color what can I do? Later on they're taking you out, show you around, to embarrass the two-timing dude! It's garter belt and stockings, don't refuse, they decided it's for the sissy in spike heel shoes! What's next? What will they pick? A short mini-skirt or a tight dress to show off your fake breasts! I still see your garter belt under the hem, your tugging at your skirt it's not working? Your sexy, tacky and slutty too, lots of Horney men will want to romance you? It's the garter belt, nylons and heels the men will enjoy! Wait till later on when they find out your a sissy boy! Your eyebrows and makeup done too girlish perfection, your even feminine enough to draw attention, keep your knees together,cross those garter belt legs too? They'll buy you drinks and want to feel and grab you, hang on too your purse, head for the ladies room! Check your makeup, powder your nose, look for runs in your hose? Us real girls are heading back, you have to stay and start to dance, be careful, might grab your ass? The girls will be laughing call you a "Sissy Bitch" wait for the kiss he won't stop touching your body too make you hot! He make the moves, feel you up, say let's go he's picking you up! Such a slut, tell him it's the time of the month? You have to learn to suck the trouser snake? Maybe you get another date? You have a boyfriend now? And thats great! More, more girly things for you! will hate! A trip to the beauty salon, an permanent makeup will be applied to make you look more like a pretty girl than a guy! There's more of us, than their is of you our sissy panty-slut bitch, has a dude, wait till your new girlfriend finds out, will she be a trampy blabber mouth? Will she tell your guy, your a sissy man? And not a woman if he belongs to a biker club? You're done! You have to get out of town, as a woman on the run? Not in your nylons? You be wearing and your baby doll nightie too! Gretchen S.